Directorate of Career Counseling and Alumni Affairs (CC&AA)

The Directorate of Career Counselling and Alumni Affairs (CC&AA) is one of the emerging directorates of the Government College University Faisalabad, which was established in the year 2016 known as the Career Counselling Centre (CCC) and reorganized and promoted as a directorate in the year 2022.

Directorate of Career Counseling and Alumni Affairs (CC&AA), Government College University Faisalabad has two-fold objectives; career counseling of current students and connection with alumni is second-fold. It provides a platform for students’ self-exploration, to identify their career choices and assists them in setting their career paths. It provides counseling, consultation, trainings, workshops, and learning activities on campus, virtually on the web, and also by other means for the learning and well-being of students regarding their career choices. It also provides support to the existing students in search of competitive jobs, to the fresh graduates in attaining vacant positions in industry, academia, and government, and to develop linkages with the labour force market. The nostalgia of university life is never-ending but hustle and bustle of life make it difficult to recall. The directorate of Career Counseling and Alumni Affairs (CC&AA) envisions bringing that to the life of the graduates to ensure the connection, belongingness, and linkage between alumnus and the campus. The office serves the purpose of everlasting connection and a bridge between the Alumni and Alma mater. Alumni are encouraged to keep in touch with the campus activities and share their success stories with the students. These objectives are achieved through career seminars, workshops, job fairs, alumni dinners, Alumni tours, alumni sports events, and workshops.


To provide high-quality vibrant career counseling to equip graduates with innovative and creative marketplace expertise and works as a bridge to fill the gap between alumni and the institution.


The vision of the directorate is to provide a platform for students’ self-exploration, for setting their career goals, to assist them in their lifelong career paths through comprehensive career training and opportunities, to develop a sense of belonging and pride for alumnus, and provide a bridge of communication, high-quality services, and counseling to the existing students through the lens of Alumni and success stories.


The objectives of the directorate are to:

  1. Provide a platform for students’ self-exploration, to identify their career choices and develop their understanding of global competition in the national and international job markets
  2. Disseminate information about career breaks through the university webpage, university portal, social media, notice boards, displays and exhibitions, job fair, and other possible methods
  3. Provide comprehensive guidance to equip the students with the necessary, innovative, and creative marketplace expertise in the setting of their career paths
  4. Assist students to achieve their dream jobs by training them with oral and written communication skills including; curriculum vitae, statement of purpose, interview preparation, etc. through seminars, workshops, training, and other modes of learning
  5. Establish the connection between Alumni and the University and ensure active participation of alumni in campus life
  6. Develop a liaison with potential employers, and alumni for the recruitment of fresh graduates
  7. Encourage students toward business and entrepreneurship activities by sharing alumni success stories
  8. Drive the benefits from alumni for the university itself in terms of research support, bookstalls, lab equipment, scholarships, and donations
  9. Enhance the human, social and cultural capital of the institution to increase the acceptability of its graduates in the job market and industry
  10. Organize sessions with academics, mentors, and university administration to help them in equipping their graduates with innovative and creative marketplace expertise

Director CC&AA
Dr. Haseeb Anwar
Department of Physiology

Deputy Director CC&AA
Dr. Salma Umber
Ph.D. Mass Communication
Founder/Assistant Professor
Department of Mass Communication

Deputy Director CC&AA
Dr. Sadaf Mahmood
Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Germany)
Department of Sociology

Deputy Director CC&AA
Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Kamran
Assistant Professor (Business administration)
Ph.D. Finance (USTC-China)
Lyallpur Business School

Deputy Director CC&AA
Ms. Sahar Javaid
Department of English
Incharge Dramatics and Performing Arts Society