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Career Counseling & Alumni Affairs (CCAA)

Career Counseling & Alumni Affairs (CCAA) office serves as eternal connection between alumnus and its alma mater. It offers career support for alumni in person, virtually and by phone. It provides vibrant and high quality services through counseling, consultation and designed facilities for learning and well-being of students regarding their career. It connects their interests with their skills for a successful future. Moreover, it connects the outgoing students with the currently enrolled fellows to share their memories and success stories. It arranges Alumni Dinner, Career Seminars, Awareness Drives, Alumni tours, Alumni Sports and Competitions and Workshops.
It works to:

  • assist students achieve their dream jobs by training them for resumes, curriculum vitae, statement of purpose, letters, and interviewing skills.
  • create a job search and provide its alumnus with jobs, internships and
  • establish the bond between outgoing students and university
  • provide them with a platform to share their memories with their fellows and new students
  • enable students to make enduring, accountable and significant choices in a global and vibrant world
  • enrich students with leadership qualities to serve the nation enthusiastically